Rider Tips

Know Before You Go

Through June 30, QLINE volunteers will be deployed at station stops to assist riders navigating the system and help connect passengers to destinations along the Woodward Corridor.

To ensure your safety and comfort, follow these tips when riding QLINE:

  • When waiting for a streetcar, please stand clear of the platform edge.
  • Once the doors open, let others disembark before boarding, and board carefully, noting areas reserved for disabled or elderly riders.
  • Hold on to small children under your supervision.
  • Do not block doorways or emergency exits.
  • Use handrails when standing.
  • On the streetcar, press the “stop request” button to signal that you want to stop.

Bicycles are Welcome

Bicycles are allowed on the QLINE, space permitting, in the center section of the streetcars. There are no internal or external bike racks, so please hold your bike upright while riding QLINE.


QLINE is ADA Accessible

The QLINE is designed to accommodate mobility devices using wide passenger doors that are level with the station platforms. The streetcars have level floor areas with substantial standing areas that can be used by wheelchairs. Vehicles also accommodate strollers.