M-1 RAIL Encourages Public to Make Only Necessary Trips and Ride DDOT and SMART During Service Pause

The QLINE temporarily suspended operations following the close of service on Sunday, March 29 at 8 pm due to Covid-19 and its impact on transit demand along the Woodward Corridor.  The decision to temporarily pause service is important to help protect the health and safety of our customers and employees, and follows discussions with our local transit partners about the severe decrease in travel along the QLINE route.

“Utilization along the Woodward Corridor has decreased due to Covid-19,” said M-1 RAIL CEO Matt Cullen. “This is a difficult decision to make but after discussion with our team, stakeholders and partners, it’s clear that DDOT and SMART services are sufficient to serve the transit needs of essential employees in Detroit. Once workplaces and institutions along the Woodward Corridor begin re-opening and activity resumes, QLINE will begin the process of resuming service.”

DDOT (4-Woodward) and SMART ( 461/462 FAST Woodward) are options for use by essential employees during the QLINE’s service suspension. While the streetcar system will periodically run streetcars along the route to keep the vehicles properly maintained, there will be no passenger service during the suspension of operations.