What You Need To Know About Fare Enforcement

Who do I talk to if I am confused about ticketing? Ambassadors along the QLine route are there to help. These individuals are present to guide and assist riders with questions pertaining to stopping points, ticketing issues, and general questions involving purchase methods and options.

Why is it important to pay my fare? First of all, it’s the right thing to do – and it’s the law. Fare evasion tickets are a misdemeanor crime that require appearance before a judge in 36th District Court.  Cases are adjudicated by a judge or officer of the court.

What are the potential consequences? Ordinance violations including fare evasion are enforced by the Detroit Transit Police.  Dodging fares could result in a misdemeanor citation and cost violators up to $500. It is important to note that penalties for dodging are not determined by the QLine.

What are the current options for fares and ticketing plans? The QLine allows riders to purchase hourly or daily fares for $1.50 or $3 respectively. Looking for a long term option? The QLine also offers monthly and annual passes for $30 and $285 respectively. Cash purchases can be made on the streetcar.

Can I transfer from DDOT and SMART to QLINE and from QLINE to the bus systems? QLINE riders can purchase a $.25 transfer through the onboard ticketing system for DDOT and SMART. Single fare purchases from DDOT and SMART are eligible to purchase a transfer to the QLINE. At this time SMART and DDOT pass holders are required to buy an individual ticket to board the QLINE for $1.50.  The passes for each system include:SMART 31 Day passes, DDOT GoPass (any value), 5-Day pass and DDOT/SMART Regional bus pass.

With ambassadors along the route to help with any need you have, be sure and locate one – the QLine is here to help make this smooth and accommodating for everyone. For more FAQ’s be sure and check out our website.