How To Avoid Ticketing Confusion As QLine Ridership Increases

With warmer months on the horizon, the QLine is preparing for an increase in passengers. To combat this influx of traffic, the QLine has your back – Ambassadors are on board to make your commuting experience smooth and efficient. In a recent feature by The Michigan Chronicle, Donald James explores the numerous ways one can avoid ticketing confusion.

James explains:

“…there are three ways in which riders can purchase QLine tickets: pay cash on the respective streetcar, purchase tickets through a mobile app, or purchase tickets with a credit card at one of the QLine stations. Lijana said there are ambassadors on the streetcars to assist riders needing to purchase tickets, especially during peak travel times such as morning and evening rush hours, as well as when major events are happening downtown. The ambassadors help make the entire QLine riding experience enjoyable in multiple ways.”

For more information on how the QLine aims to accommodate the projected increase in passengers and the policies instilled for evasion, check out the full Michigan Chronicle feature.